I Got a Bee in My Bonnet

My mind is forever thinking of new projects that I want to do. Sometimes the ideas get to "buzzin" around so fast that I feel like I have bees swarming around in my head. This saying actually came from my grandmother. She used to say, when she had an idea about how to do something, "I got a bee in my bonnet and I couldn't rest until I got it out." So, when I think of something new I want to do, I can't rest until I get that bee out of my bonnet. Ü

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday...Fun at the Museum of Discovery

Camryn and I spent Spring Break together and had a very relaxing week. Most of the time she enjoyed watching her shows on TV while I enjoyed some time catching up on my scrapbooking. Thursday Camryn got to spend a fun afternoon with her dance teacher, Ms. Marisa. Friday we were invited to join Billie and her family at the Museum of Discovery. Although, many of my kids at school had taken field trips to this place, I had never gotten the chance to go. After spending from 9:30 until 4 PM there with only a short break for lunch, I can see why the teachers like to take the students there. It is absolutely chocked full of interesting things to do. Below are a few of the picture I took of our time while discovering...
Here we have a picture of me and Camryn as we are about to leave for our day of fun and discovery!
We enter the Museum for a day of fun!
Belle and Camryn loved this area of the museum.

My granddaughter, the monkey.
David and Luke enjoyed the dump trucks.

Here they are waiting on the Three Little Pigs skit to begin.
(By the way, they sat still and attentive for the whole thing which lasted 45 minutes)
The skit
Camryn and the Three Pigs
They had a live animal exhibit that the kids got to see. In this shot they looking at the snake. Notice, Camryn's hands.
Luke is petting the rabbit with two fingers.
After our lunch we took a leisurely stroll back to the museum. These two girls are such good friends.
This play area was a favorite of these three. Here they are riding a cow.
Luke was saying, "Yee haw!"
Camryn letting her wind car race down the track.
Here you see the "four kids" are building their cars.
This little red owl was hit by a car and is blind in one eye. So, he is now one of the animals you get to see while visiting the museum.
Here are Camryn and Belle with their butterflies they made in the arts and crafts section of the museum.
And this is my precious "camera shy" granddaughter posing for a parting shot.
We had a great time on our day at the Museum. The kids were great and there was lots of interesting things for kids of all ages to do. Thanks to the Overstreets for helping us end our spring break week on a high note!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Camryn's Day with Marisa!

It seems that Marisa had promised Camryn a day with her if she did her solo really well at the last competition. Marisa felt she did since she scored High Gold 1st place points and also was chosen 5th in the top ten of her age group. So, Marisa was true to her promise and took her around 11:00 on Thursday of their spring break. They went to Jason's deli to eat and then to the park at Lakewood Village. They also went to some place to "paint a plate" according to Camryn. They did a little more playing in the park and finished up by getting there nails done. There will be more pictures to come of this fun day when we get Camryn's pictures developed. What a special young lady Marisa is to spend time with a little 7 year old on her spring break. I am sure memories were made that will never be forgotten by Camryn. Below is a comment taken from Marisa's facebook in response to my thanking her for spending this special day with Camryn.

Me: Marisa, thanks so much for the fun day you gave Camryn yesterday. You made memories with her that she will never forget. We appreciate you taking a day out of your spring break to allow her to spend some special time with you!

Marisa: Oh, I had so much fun! She is such a hard worker and she deserved it! I absolutely adore her...I didn't even realize how much until yesterday! She had me smiling and laughing all day...she's SO EASY and special...thanks for allowing me to do it! :)

Is it any wonder why Camryn loves dance and her solo and duet teacher so much? She is an awesome person!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Queen likes to color

We have been out for Spring Break this week and I have kept Camryn with me. We have spent our days just doing what we wanted. I have worked on my plants; getting them home and placed back on my patio and deck and I have also done some much needed scrapbooking. Camryn has spent her time watching her shows: Sponge-Bob, iCarly, Backyardigans, etc., dancing, swinging, and playing with Jacye. Yesterday I bought her some new coloring items so she would have something new to do today. Little did I know that the Queen was coming to my house this morning. Thankfully, the Queen likes to color.

Jacye is on guard, making sure there are no squirrels entering our backyard.

As you can see, my little Queen, loves spending time coloring in her giant coloring book.

We have had a good time thus far this week, even though we have had some rain. Tomorrow she is expecting to get to spend the day with her dance teacher, Ms. Marisa, and then Friday we are meeting Billie and her kids at the Museum of Discovery for a day of fun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kids Artistic Revue

This past weekend was another big dance competition for Camryn. She competed in the Kids Artistic Revue at Robinson Auditorium in Little Rock. She danced all four of her dances on Sunday beginning with her solo at 8:15 am. This would not have been too bad had it not been the first day of Daylight Savings Time. We were all a little bleary eyed and sleep deprived but it didn't seem to phase Camryn. She was pumped and ready to go and did very well on her dances. In her solo dance she received Top 1st points and ranked 5th overall in the 8 and under age range. Below you will see the pictures of her receiving her award.
In the above picture the MC was asking Camryn her name and who choreographed her dance. Then they had Ms. Marisa come on stage and below is Camryn's reaction. She absolutely adores her teacher!!!

Here is a shot of Camryn and her outstanding teacher, Marisa Kirby.

A shot of the top 5 dancers in the 8 and under age division.

She and Callen received Top 1st points and ranked 3rd overall in the 8 and under age range.

Here they are in the group shot of the top 5 duet/trio routines for the 8 and under age division.Camryn was also competing (unbeknownst to us) for the title of Miss Petite Dance. She got 2nd runner-up and received a tiara and a pin. She was so thrilled with getting the tiara and wore it for the rest of the day. We have always known she was a little princess and now she has the crown to prove it!
It was a very long day but a very exciting day for the MKDS dancers. Her Hip Hop large group also received Top 1st points and ranked 1st overall. Their large group Tap routine received Top 1st points also and ranked 6th overall.

With each competition she continues to improve. By the time we get to the Nationals in Dallas, she should be peaking out on her dances.