I Got a Bee in My Bonnet

My mind is forever thinking of new projects that I want to do. Sometimes the ideas get to "buzzin" around so fast that I feel like I have bees swarming around in my head. This saying actually came from my grandmother. She used to say, when she had an idea about how to do something, "I got a bee in my bonnet and I couldn't rest until I got it out." So, when I think of something new I want to do, I can't rest until I get that bee out of my bonnet. Ü

Monday, March 1, 2010

I just love older people....

I had the opportunity to go down to El Dorado on Saturday to visit with my parents. While there I got to help Daddy with their taxes and just enjoy a nice afternoon visit with them and also some good "momma" cookin.' She still has it even at 84 years old. During the lunch conversation I was telling them about the people I had been in contact with on facebook and the different ones that were my friends who had also been former students of my mother when she taught school at Parkers Chapel. We were reminiscing about different people when my mother asked so seriously, "Are you friends with so-in-so (a former student) on your blob?" I just cracked up! Bless her heart! She was close but not quite there. All this modern technology and these new means of communication kind of all run together for her. It was a priceless moment!

Speaking of older people...if you haven't seen this video clip already, you need to check it out on youtube. It is also priceless and I can so see my daddy doing this. The gentleman really reminds me of my own granddaddy! Gota love their wit and spontaneity!
Go to youtube and in the search bar type:
Elderly couple of 62 years plays the piano. It is worth the effort and will make you smile!