I Got a Bee in My Bonnet

My mind is forever thinking of new projects that I want to do. Sometimes the ideas get to "buzzin" around so fast that I feel like I have bees swarming around in my head. This saying actually came from my grandmother. She used to say, when she had an idea about how to do something, "I got a bee in my bonnet and I couldn't rest until I got it out." So, when I think of something new I want to do, I can't rest until I get that bee out of my bonnet. Ü

Monday, April 28, 2008

More of my flowers

Here are pictures of the flowers in my front yard. Most of these will be of irises that my superintendent, Dr. Eudy, gave me. They all have special names but I lost my list so I am not sure what they are all called. At any rate, I think they are very pretty. There will be more in a few days because some of them are just before blooming.

My flower bed

I know this one is called Navy

And this one is called Maumelle...

My Flowers

I just wanted to let you see my flowers in my yard. They have really been beautiful this year. Especially my irises and my clematis. Since some of you will not be able to visit my house and my yard, I thought I would give you a virtual tour...of the yard at least. So, here ya go!
My Peony
My Clematis
Red Wygelia
Pink and white Wygelia

Irises in my backyard

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My New Patio Cover!!!

This is the finished project

Here is what it looked like yesterday

Just getting the frame up

When they left yesterday around 6 PM

Today at Noon!

All done!

Check out my new patio cover! I have wanted this for a long time and I was finally able to get it done. I called the Koolvent Aluminum Awning representative in NLR (945-2172) on Saturday. He came by on Monday and gave me an estimate...I signed the proposal, they started on it yesterday and then finished up today! When I came home for lunch it was done!! And they had even put my furniture back and were hanging my windchimes back in place! They did a fantastic job! I am so excited. Now I can sit and enjoy my yard whether it is raining or sunny. Also, I won't have to get wet when I take Jacye out when it is raining! Woo Hooo!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Camryn does her solo at Nexstar in Little Rock

Camryn with her trophy, ribbon, medal and plaque!

One Proud Momma

A kiss for Momma

Camryn getting her "Definitely Cute" award.

Camryn did her solo at the Nexstar Competition in Little Rock on April 12. She did an awesome job! She was selected by the judges for the "Definitely Cute" award and got a High Gold 1st score (268.9 which is 1.1 point away from a Platinum score -- the highest). She also ranked 6th overall in the 8 and under age group. Her next competition is the Nationals in Branson, MO in July.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Making earrings with Aunt Angela

We got a chance to visit with Paul, Angela and the kids while we were in B'ham. Angela is into making jewelry and wanted to make a pair of earrings with Camryn. She explained the process and then allowed her to help in making her own pair. She picked Capri blue as her stone with a little silver heart on the bottom. Camryn was very proud of her choice and loved wearing the new earrings.
Angela shows Camryn how to make earrings.

Camryn tries her hand at threading the beads for her earrings.

She is getting the hang of this.

She likes her finished product.

Tricia, Anthony, Christiana and her boyfriend, Daniel, and the boys all came over to watch the Razorbacks play in the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately, it was not a very good game to watch. They lost! However, the rest of us enjoyed visiting. Camryn had a great time aggravating Daniel. He was such a good sport to let her dress him up in all these items

was interested in the matchbox cars that Memaw had in her closet.

Camryn and Nanna on Easter morning.
Norman and Memaw watch Camryn from the deck hunting for her Easter eggs. She loved getting to hide and hunt the eggs. Saturday she got to color some eggs with Memaw. This was a real treat for them both. She turned out some really pretty eggs and was quite proud of her accomplishment.
Norman and Memaw watch Camryn from the deck.

Camryn counts to be sure she has found them all.

Saturday they dyed eggs.

Memaw gives her expert help with the eggs.

Camryn proud of her finished product.