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My mind is forever thinking of new projects that I want to do. Sometimes the ideas get to "buzzin" around so fast that I feel like I have bees swarming around in my head. This saying actually came from my grandmother. She used to say, when she had an idea about how to do something, "I got a bee in my bonnet and I couldn't rest until I got it out." So, when I think of something new I want to do, I can't rest until I get that bee out of my bonnet. Ü

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let the Dance Competitions begin...

Camryn began another year of competition dancing this past weekend. She started the year off with the Showbiz Dance Competition held in Little Rock, AR. She is dancing in 6 routines this year: a solo, duet, Lyrical small group, Hip Hop large group, Musical Theater large group and a Jazz line group. She performed very well for her first competition of the new season. She received High 1st place points in all her dances and got a Diamond High 1st place points for the Musical Theater routine. She ranked 5th overall in the 8 and under group for her solo, 4th in her duet, 5th for the Lyrical number, 4th for the Hip Hop routine, 2nd for the Musical Theater routine and 1st for the Jazz line number. We did not get pictures of her in all her costumes this time. The quick dress changes prohibited that in some instances. Here she is in the ones we got:
This is her duet costume. I love that sweet smile!

Camryn and Callen at the end of their dance.

Running the routine before going on stage.

5-6-7-8 Poofy, Poofy

In this shot, Camryn is looking at her plaque for her solo. She was not real happy with herself because she did not receive a Diamond 1st place. (We found out from her teacher, she was 1 point away.) :o(

Here she is receiving her 5th overall plaque.

She is a proud as a peacock to have Ronnie come see her dance.

This was taken at Jason's Deli after we finished on Saturday night.

Here Camryn is receiving the 5th place award for their Lyrical dance.

The top ten dances in the small group category.

Here is Camryn again in Ronnie's lap. This is where she was the whole time unless she was dancing.

This is her Jazz Line costume

It is amazing how improved Camryn is in her dances from last year. She is becoming quite the little dancer. We are all so proud of her and look forward to another great year of competition for her at MKDS.

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